Authors Experience

Dr. Gheysika Agambila

When I approached Afram Publications Limited (APL) with my manuscript, they were prompt in expressing an interest in its publication. We worked together to make changes that have made it a better product. APL accepted my suggestions for illustrations and provided an illustrator who drew beautiful pictures. Our discussions and negotiations over my book contract were friendly.We subsequently arrived at a mutually satisfactory agreement.

After publication of the book, I was invited to the APL office at Achimota where the Sales and Marketing Manager briefed me on the marketing of my book. The briefing made me realize the effort APL was making to market my book. I have had nothing but good relations with the officers and staff of APL in Achimota. I’ve always been welcomed with smiles and tea! My expectations are that our mutual sweat will not be wasted; that I will gain ‘gargantuan’ sales and related royalties!

Mr. Kofi Blankson Anaman

I went to Afram in 1994 when I wanted a publishing house to publish a series of mathematics books I have written. Afram then had a book on the market; the Graded Maths which was based on British Sylabus. We had to deliberate on whether taking the title Graded Maths or Fundamentals of Modern Maths which was the title of my book. For effective marketing we agreed on Graded Maths.

The series has been a supplementary book for almost all Ghanaian schools because it is a workbook and is also up to date with the MOE Syllabus. Afram sees me as a part of their staff. I use their editorial section for typesetting my books and I am allowed to assist in the marketing of my books.

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