Story Time with Afram 2016

In a bid to promote reading among children, Afram Publication instituted Story Time with Afram, a reading clinic in 2014. This entails reading sessions during which authors and editors of selected story books read portions of their books, share ideas and answer questions, and interact with pupils and readers.
This year’s edition of the reading clinic was held on Friday, October 7, 2016, at the forecourt of Afram’s premises at Achimota. Pupils present had the opportunity to interact with Prof. Esi Sutherland-Addy (Board Chairperson), John Agandin (author of Adventures of Asuom), and Mrs. Ohui Allotey (Editor); who read portions of the selected books (Adventures of Asuom & Who Told the Most Incredible Story?) to the pupils. Participating schools included Victory Presby School, Adenta-Frafraha; Manna Mission School, Teshie; and Blessed Home School, Dome.
Pupils asked questions and learnt and sang folk songs. Pupils were particularly curious about Asuom and stories from the North, and had fun with the folk songs. Each pupil got a reader, a note pad, and a pen; and the schools got some books for their libraries. Participants were refreshed thereafter.

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Pre-text of Compte Avec Moi & J'aime le Francais

As is usually done with books being published, especially textbooks for the pre-school and lower primary levels, the books are pre-tested to enable us determine how suitable and interactive they are.
We are about to publish two French books for beginners; Compte Avec Moi (numerals) and J’aime le Français (alphabets), which come with audio CDs. These books are pictorial and colourful and will help beginners in the French language, especially those in kindergarten and lower primary. Thus, pre-test sessions have been carried out to ascertain the suitability of material.
The pre-test of Compte Avec Moi and J’aime le Français was first run at the Victory Presby Church School (VPCS), Adenta on Friday, May 27, 2016. It was then replicated at the University of Ghana Basic Schools, Legon on Thursday, June 2, 2016. At the Victory Presby Church School (VPCS) in Adenta, the pre-test was run in the Class One Class, where pupils participated in the exercise, assisted by their French teacher, Monsieur Wadja. At the University of Ghana Basic School, Legon, the Kindergarten Two Class was engaged; where the French teacher, Madame Ntow, and the class teachers supervised the pupils. The classes were varied to test how well the material would suit the various ages, as “beginners” could be varied depending on age, school, and the point at which the process of learning the French language is initiated.
The audio CDs were played for the pupils to listen to, whilst flipping through the books, and repeating the words after the author. Afterwards, the pupils were assisted by their teachers to do the practical exercises in the books.

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Join in the fight against piracy, publishing stakeholders urged

Accra, Feb. 28, GNA - Ms Harriet Tagoe, Managing Director and Publisher, Afram Publications, has called on stakeholders in the publishing industry and authors to join hands in the fight against piracy. She said the rate with which people are infringing on works by authors was very high and this made it difficult for many publishers to sell and get royalties for the writers. Ms Tagoe was speaking at an annual author’s forum held in Accra to raise awareness on the basic rights pertaining to Intellectual Property and copyright laws. Ms Tagoe said issues related to copyright and economic rights are of a major concern hence the need to protect works of creative writers. Ms Sheila Djangmah, Documentation and Research Officer, Copyright Office, said the copyright office shall embark on an educational exercise in second cycle schools to ensure that students become conversant with laws pertaining to infringement. She said some police and customs personnel have also been trained to appreciate the copyright concept and help detect pirated works at the borders. “All these together with the formation of a piracy committee for monitoring are to ensure people’s work are well protected and taken through the right procedures as far as copyright law is concerned,” she said. Ms Djangmah said the Marrakesh Treaty, a treaty recently signed in Morocco, would facilitate the work of visually impaired persons and ensure that write-ups are turned into brails for easy accessibility. She said it is a grave offence for anyone to reproduce, duplicate, extract and imitate a copyrighted item except for the person’s private use. She said it is important for writers to enter into proper agreement with their publishers, editors and illustrators to know the revenue, sharing of proceeds to avoid future problems.
Credit: GNA, 28 Feb 2016

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“Story time with Afram” at 13th Ghana International Book Fair (2015)

Story time with Afram was birthed as part of Afram Publication’s plan to promote reading among children across various age groups. This is actuated through reading sessions during which authors of selected story books read portions of their books, share ideas and answer questions, and interact with pupils and readers. Book fairs and reading clinics are very vital in preparing children to climb the academic ladder.

Integrated into the programme of activities during this year’s book fair, the reading clinic was hosted in the mini conference room at the Ghana International Trade Fair Site, on Thursday, November 5, 2015. Two sessions were held with five selected schools, bringing along an average of thirty (30) pupils each. Participating schools included Martyrs of Uganda Basic School, Abofu Presby Basic School, Bethel Hill School, University Basic School, and Holy Child School. This is in solidarity with the book fair’s aim to together prepare this generation to lead the nation, as ‘A Reading Nation is a Winning Nation.’

The reading clinic was to mentor children and encourage them to develop the habit of reading to open up their minds, and give them exposure and a better perspective to the things in the world around them. Authors present included CNN Lokko, author of Trinity High and Adventures of Elizabeth Sam; GA Agambila, author of Nature Stories and Solma; Joyce Addo, author of The Bell Ringer; and Limberg Elegba, author of A Frog Named Korkorli. Pupils listened to the authors read, had interactions, and answered questions.
The schools were presented with copies of selected titles for the school libraries. Schools were also presented with t-shirts for the pupils. Pupils received a notepad and pen each, and were refreshed after the programme.

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