What does APL publish?

We are general and educational publishers. We publish children's books, fiction and textbooks for primary to tertiary levels and general reading.

How do I get APL to publish my book?

APL accepts both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts from writers. Manuscripts are solicited when we commission authors in the areas of interest to write a manuscript for publication; this is done generally in the area of textbooks or books of topical interest. Unsolicited manuscripts are scripts received from writers requesting to go into publishing agreements with us.
The prospective author has to present a two-page synopsis, typed, double-spaced, and if printed, on one- sided of the A-4 sheet and forward to our editorial department for assessment. A soft copy can be sent by email to publishing@aframpubghana.com, or a hard copy dropped in our office.

When will our books come out?

Manuscripts received from writers go through thorough editorial processes. Usually, it takes between six months to a year to come out depending on the area the book covers; textbooks take longer to prepare than supplementary readers.

How much is my royalty as an author and when do I get them

Where APL bears all expenses in relation to the manuscript after publishing, the author is paid royalties between 10 to 15% of total net sales after annual audit, which is in May.

What is the initial print-run?

APL normally runs an initial print-run of five thousand (5,000) copies. However, the figure varies based on the market viability of the book

Are you into partnership with other publishers?

Yes, APL is in partnership with other publishers like Sam-woode Ltd. of Ghana and Laxmi Publications of India.

What is the distribution channel like?

We have three main distribution channels.

  • distribution through agents to retailers and finally to the end users.
  • Wholesaling to bookshops and institutions; and some individual customers, depending on location and time of need.
  • Our titles are also distributed by African Books Collective on ‘print on demand’ basis

Are you into any form of e-publishing?

Yes, we are into partnership with Worldreader.org in the publication of e-books through Amazon.com, and African Books Collective.

What happens to my books after production?

APL does not only publish your books, we see it as a need to bring the book and the people who need them together. We publicise and promote your books to the local and international market through advertising, book reviews, book launches, displaying them at both international and local book fairs and exhibitions, sending copies to national libraries and other institutions, etc.